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Product Material

The Garden tomb and figures are made of polyvinyl chloride, an eco-friendly material that is certified “green”, meaning that it does not cause pollution or harm the environment. It is lead free, child-friendly and virtually non-breakable under normal use.

This material was selected for its ability to retain the qualities of the original artwork, and because it allows children to move the pieces without concern of breaking them.

While we encourage children to interact with the Easter Crèche pieces, we must emphasize that the crèche should not be considered a toy. We hope that children will show respect and reverence for the crèche pieces due to the sacred events that they portray.


Our goal is to offer a product that is beautiful and durable. This requires the use of a more expensive composite material, and that each piece be individually painted. We offer a lower priced starter set which can be added on to so that more people have the opportunity to enjoy the entire Easter Crèche set.

Due to the high quality of each individual piece, your Easter Crèche is an investment that can be treasured year after year.

Return Policy

If you are not delighted in every way with your Easter Crèche, you may return it, unused and in the original box, for a full refund or replacement. Please contact us with any problems or concerns you may have.

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