"He is not here, for He is risen."

Celebrate The True Meaning Of Easter

Just as a decorative Christmas crèche, or a"nativity scene," reminds us that Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, an Easter Crèche points us to the most pivotal events in time and eternity – the Atonement and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Savior and Redeemer of the world.

Invite the spirit of these sacred events into your Easter season by assembling your own Easter Crèche. Celebrate, teach, and share testimony of the true meaning of Easter through this special decoration. Don't wait, Easter is the perfect time to share this wonderful gift.


Build your very own Easter Crèche and celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ with your loved ones!

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Learn about the Easter Crèche, the inspiration behind it, how it came to be, and the purpose we hope it takes on in your life.

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Question about the Easter Crèche? Learn more about our product materials, pricing, and return policy.

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Read what others have said about their Easter Crèche, and about the joy it has brought to their Easter celebrations.

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Popular Products


Five-Piece Set


Five piece hand-painted display of the First Easter reproduced from original sculptures by artist Chris Smith. Set includes figures of the Resurrected Christ, Mary, Angel, Garden Tomb and movable stone.

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Full Set


Full Easter Creche set that includes Christ and the Garden Tomb, Mary, the Angel, 2 Roman Guards, 3 Palm Trees, Flowers and Pots. Reproduced from original sculptures by artist Chris Smith.

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"With the guards and Jesus in the Garden, my set is complete! I love that it is the focal point of my room and at the center of our thoughts for this and every Easter from now on! Thank you for creating the Easter Creche set!"

"Magnificent! Our hearts sing with joy and appreciation each time we look at the Savior praying under the olive tree. For generations to come our family will surely treasure them as we do and perhaps even personalize the display with their own favorite pebbles/rocks, twigs/bark, greens, tiny birds and animals and, most importantly, their own love for the Savior.

"I love this creche! Now the most important event in history can be displayed and continually before our eyes this Easter season! I am so happy I found your site while searching for more meaningful Easter traditions. Thanks so much for making this available to all!"

"I love my Easter creche! What a wonderful idea. I wish I would have had this 30 years ago when my kids were little, but now I have it for my grandkids. Great quality. Love the plants and especially the palm trees."

"I love this Easter Creche! After a 2 year search for an affordable and beautiful option, I was so excited to find this. I love that is beautiful yet durable enough that my kids can interact with it without fear of breaking it."

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